A new atlas of boletes

A new atlas of boletes

A new atlas of boletes became available in 2009.

It is published by the Czech publisher “Academia” and authored by the famous boletologist Josef Šutara together with Michal Mikšík and Václav Janda. The book is printed in very handy pocket format with hard covers and contains 296 pages.

The book includes introductory chapter, that gives detailed information about the morphology of the boleti as well as a chapter about the conservation of this group of fungi. Handy addition to the Morphology chapter is the dictionary of morphological terms. Further on the atlas provides a key for determination of the species included in the text.

The largest part of the edition is the proper atlas part, where 89 species and 14 varieties and forms are described in detail and illustrated. Each entity is illustrated by one to five high quality photographs, showing important characters of the boletes in question. Especially valuable is the information about some recently described and/or less known species, e. g.  Chalciporus hypochryseus, Boletus kluzakii, Xerocomellus engelii and Xerocomellus marekii. The full list of included boletes is found on this off-site link.

Although it does not cover all the European species of boletes, I would deeply recommend this book to anyone interested in this group of fungi. My only regret is that the publisher refrained from English edition and the atlas is available only in Czech and this will cause inconvenience for those not familiar with this slavonic language.

Full bibliographic information:

Šutara, J., Mikšík, M. & Janda, V. 2009. Hřibovité houby. Čeled’ Boletaceae a rody Gyrodon, Gyroporus, Boletinus a Suillus. Academia, Praha. ISBN 978-80-200-1717-8.