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  • Mitzi

    I’m very impressed Boris (& Bobi). You’ve put in such a lot of work and it makes interesting reading. The photos are fantastic too. Congratulations :-)

  • Dear Boris

    Congratulations with the launch of your website. It is really very informative, with good pictures.
    I wish you good luck with it, and if I can contribute or help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask

    Machiel Noordeloos

  • Pumareta

    Hola Boris:
    Soy un humilde aficionado a la micologia y acabo de descubrir su p?gina Web sobre los Boletos. Me parece un trabajo impresionante y magnifico. Espero aprender mucho con mis visitas a dicha p?gina. Mi mas sincera felicitaci?n por su extraordinario trabajo.
    ?ngel S?nchez

  • Congratulations! I am really impressed about this proper and detailled work trying to summarize the latest state of knowledge.
    And your introductory part on how to study boletes is great. I will use it in my courses. I hope you will soon get more photos to illustrate all species.

    Beatrice Senn-Irlet

  • Георги

    Поздравления, Боби! Желая ти успех в развитието на сайта! :)

  • Congratulations, to your good work. Your data on publication and species description and pictures are usefull. I wish you good luck with it.

  • Hans-Peter

    A very impressive site. Thanks a lot for showing this!

  • Dear Boris,

    I just found your web site on boletes, very nice. Your images and the information provided are of high quality.. It is now on my bookmarks and I will visit again in the future.

    T. J. Baroni, State University of New York – College at Cortland

  • Congratulations Boris, this is an excellent site for boletes, great layout, excellent information. Keep up the good work and good luck.

  • Уважаемый Борис, огромное спасибо Вам за Ваш профессиональный, познавательный и красочный сайт! И не менее огромное спасибо за Вашу помощь и консультации для нашего сайта “Грибы в Израиле” Удачи вам в исследованиях и всех благ!

    Dear Boris. Congratulations for your excellent, professional and very useful web site! And thank you very-very much for your help in identification of Boletus species from our site about Israeli fungi. We wish you good luck in your research and your life.

    Ольга Винокур.

  • Tax Liaskas, Greece

    Excellent site, very helpful with lots of valuable information!
    Thanks and congratulations!

  • Boris. I got your site from Gomer Pileus, a contributor on Roger’s Mushrooms web site. I am a complete novie with mushrooms but am studying and photography many here in the nearby woods in southern Mishigan, USA. Your site is a great help and it is obviuous you are an expert in the area of boletes. Thanks, Harry

  • Compliments, yours is perhaps the most rigorous and scientific website in mycology I ever see


  • We wish you happy new year.
    Thanks for all information.
    What is the address for sending you dried fungi?
    We have in our school several dried species of Boletus.

  • Muhammad Hanif

    Hi Dear,
    You have developed a great website with valuable information and guidelines for all including the beginners.

    Wish you a very happy new year and a good season.

    Muhammad Hanif
    Department of Botany,
    University of the Punjab, Lahore. PAKISTAN

  • Congratulations, Boris! You have done a great site! I am proud to see such a nice information source prepared by somebody working at our institute!
    Best regards

    Поздравления, Борисе! Направил си страхотен сайт! Гордея се да видя такъв добър информационен източник, направен от човек от нашия институт!
    С уважение!

  • Милена

    Поздравления, Боби!Браво!Надявам се в бъдеще да има и превод на български!Успех!

  • Cristovo Ruiz Leivas

    Mis m?s sinceras gracias por su buen trabajo a favor de la micolog?a.
    Saludos desde O Barco de Valdeorras Galicia
    Cristovo Ruiz

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