New genus of boletes was recorded from Europe

New genus of boletes was recorded from Europe

I am very excited to let you know that a new genus of Boletales has been found in Europe, namely Boletellus. The news was just brought to me by Mr M. Miksik, who has found the publication.

Technically the name Boletellus have already appeared for some time in the European mycological literature to name bolete species with striate spores, which we currently place in Xerocomus s. l.

Now a true member of Boletellus is found in Europe – Boletellus projectellus, which is known so far from North America and Asia. This remarkable bolete was found in Lithuania and its identity was confirmed by ITS analysis. The authors of the paper consider that the species is alien in Europe, but the way it came to our continent are still unresolved.

Boletellus projectellus is a remarkable species. It has smooth spores, which is a bit unusual in this genus. Its spores are also very large, much larger than in any known European species, ranging from 27 up to 36.5 μm, while in the other boletes in our continent the length never exceeds 21 μm.

I am currently preparing description of the species and I will try to get it uploaded as soon as I can.

Motiejūunaitė, J. Kasparavičius, J. & Kačergius, A. 2011. Boletellus projectellus – an alien mycorrhizal bolete new to Europe. – Sydowia 63: 203–213.