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Boris Assyov

I was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 10 December 1975.

As far as I remember I have been always fascinated by nature. Throughout my school times I have been frequently changing my interests from butterflies and beetles to amphibians and reptiles. Finally at high school I have become a passionate botanist to what I stuck throughout the University. I got my masters degree in botany in the Faculty of Biology of the Sofia University. My MSc thesis deals with the Achillea distans-group in Bulgaria.

After I finished the University in 2001, I became employed by the Department of Mycology at the former Institute of Botany (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). Shortly after that I started my PhD-thesis on the taxonomy, the economic importance and the conservation of Boletus in Bulgaria. I am currently employed in the Department of Mycology of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Apart of study of fungi I have some other things that I enjoy doing, and first of all this is plant photography.