Genera & Species

C. fulmineus

Chroogomphus (Singer) O.K. Mill.

The European members of this genus are recognized by their overall appearance, hymenophore of gills, and the presence of fugacious arachnoid (like spiders net) veil.

Chroogomphus fulmineus (Heim) Courtecuisse

Yet unknown to the author. Similar to Chroogomphus rutilus but more orange.

Habitat. In coniferous and mixed forests, mycorrhizal with spruce (Picea).

Distribution. Mediterranean Atlantic species.


No photographs are currently available at my disposal. Colour illustration is found in Courtecuisse & Duhem (1995). There are some images hosted on other internet-sites. To see them follow the links below (they will open in new browser windows).

Jaroslav Maly’s photos on

Chroogomphus fulmineus on Astanatura

Chroogomphus fulmineus on Boletaire Gironi

Important literature

Courtecuisse, R. & Duhem, B. 1995. Mushrooms and toadstools of Britain and Europe. Harper Collins Publishers, London.