Genera & Species

F. ochraceoroseus

Fuscoboletinus Pomerleau & A.H. Smith

Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus Snell

This species is not yet known to the author. For description and more information consult Smith & Thiers (1971; available online), Bessette & al. (2000)  and Knudsen & Vesterholt (2008;  under Suillus ochraceoroseus).

Habitat. Larch plantations, mycorrhizal with larch (Larix).

Distribution. In Europe recorded only from Finland.


I am not yet hosting any photographs of this bolete, but there are some on the internet. Please, follow the links below.

Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus on Mushroom Observer

Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus on Rogers Mushrooms

Important literature

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