Genera & Species

F. paluster

Fuscoboletinus Pomerleau & A.H. Smith

Fuscoboletinus paluster (Peck) Pomerleau & A. H. Smith

Known to me only from the literature. The description below mostly relies on the American sources.
Cap up to 10 cm, at first hemispherical then expanding to convex or almost flat, sometimes slightly umbonate, fibrillose-scaly, carmine red to purple red. Stipe cylindrical, solid, not hollow, in the upper part yellowish, downwards pale red to nearly concolorous with the cap, below the tubes with fibrillose ring. Flesh whitish to yellowish, unchanging or slightly blueing when exposed to air. Tubes short, decurrent, pale yellow to olivaceous yellow, darkening when exposed to air. Pores large, angular, pale yellow to olivaceous yellow, unchanging when bruised. Smell not distinctive. Taste not distinctive or slightly acid. Spores 79 ? 2.53.5 ?m.

Habitat. Coniferous forests, mycorrhizal with larch (Larix), usually in wet situations.

Distribution. Native in North America and Asia. In Europe recorded only from Republic of Karelia (Shubin 1979), where it was found in larch plantations older than 20 years.

Note. Distinguished from the similar Boletinus asiaticus by the solid stipe and the smaller spores.


I am not currently having images of Fuscoboletinus paluster, but there are some on the internet. Please, follow the links below (opening in new window).

Fuscoboletinus paluster on Boletes of central New York

Fuscoboletinus paluster on Cercle des mycologues de Montr?al, Montr?al

Important literature

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