Genera & Species

G. tyrrhenicus

Gomphidius Fr.

The European members of this genus are recognized by their overall appearance, hymenophore of gills, viscid cap surface and the presence of glutinous veil.

Gomphidius tyrrhenicus D. Antonini & M. Antonini

Known to me only from the literature. Cap up to 3.5 cm in diam., at first hemispherical, later convex, somewhat depressed in the center, viscid, salmon to peach coloured, sometimes dark spotted. Stipe up to 4 ? 1 cm, whitish or dirty white, yellowish in the base, blackening, with gelatinous ring. Flesh whitish or with brownish pink tints. Gills whitish at first or greyish, later dark grey to blackish. Spores 18.221 ? 6.48.2 ?m.

Habitat. Termophilous broadleaf forests, with Quercus ilex, Q. suber and Arbutus unedo, mycorrhizal association presumed (but not yet proven) with one of those trees as no conifers were present, at least in the Italian and in the most of the Spanish localities, although pines were recorded in two of the sites in Spain.

Distribution. So far known only from Italy and Spain (incl. Balearic Islands), apparently rare.

Similarity. Somewhat resembling Gomphidius maculatus, but smaller and with differently coloured pileus, flesh not yellow in the stipe base and growing in habitats with presence of Quercus ilex and Arbutus unedo.

Note. First published under the name Gomphidius mediterraneus D. Antonini & M. Antonini, but it is a later homonym of Gomphidius mediterraneus Finschow and is therefore illegitimate.


I am not yet hosting any photographs of this rare species. Illustrations are published in Antonini & Antonini (2002), Vila et al. (2006) and Toffola (2009; available online). One photograph is available on Polomicologico (registration required).



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