Genera & Species

G. ammophilus

Gyroporus Qu?l.

Three species are so far known in Europe. Fruitbody boletoid. Cap dry. Stipe hollow or cavernose, brittle. Pores and tubes whitish to cream or straw. Flesh whitish or salmon, unchanging or blueing slightly.

Gyroporus ammophilus (Castro & Freire) Castro & Freire

Yet unknown to the author. Somewhat similar to Gyroporus castaneus, but flesh salmon. Spores 911 ? 56 ?m.

Habitat. In coniferous forests on sandy soils.

Distribution. So far known only from Spain and France.


Gyroporus ammophilus

Fruitbodies of Gyroporus ammophilus in their typical habitat. (photo R. Chalange)

Gyroporus ammophilus

Fruitbodies of Gyroporus ammophilus. (photo R. Chalange)

Important literature

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