Genera & Species

H. olida

Hygrophoropsis (J. Schr?t.) Maire

At least four species are so far known in Europe, but the genus is in desperate need of modern treatment.

Hygrophoropsis olida (Qu?l.) Metrod

Cap up to 5 cm, flesh-coloured to brick; cap margin wavy. Stipe whitish or concolorous with the cap. Flesh more or less whitish, unchanging when exposed to air. Gills whitish to cream, forked. Smell characteristic, sweetish. Taste not distinctive. Spores 3.54.5 ? 2.53 ?m, inamyloid.

Habitat. In coniferous forests, on litter.

Distribution. Not precisely known.

Note. Some authors treat this species under the name Hygrophoropsis morganii (Peck) H. Bigelow. It is uncertain if it is true member of this genus, as its spores are inamyloid as opposed to the rest of the species, which have dextrinoid spores.


Christian Pourre’s photo of Hygrophoropsis olida

Hygrophoropsis olida at AMB Gruppo Alta Valtellina

Important literature

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