Genera & Species

S. bellinii

Suillus Adans.

A number of species are known in Europe. Fruitbody boletoid without or with partial veil, and then leaving a ring on the stipe. Cap in most species more or less viscid. Stipe solid.

Suillus bellinii (Inzenga) Watling

Cap up to 12 cm, at first hemispherical then expanding to convex or somewhat flattened, whitish, ivory, soon spotted ochraceous to brownish, sometimes almost entirely brownish but cap margin always paler (f. bellinii) or entirely yellowish (f. lutea Pérez-de-Gregorio). Stipe very short, cylindrical, more or less whitish, without ring, covered with numerous large brownish or reddish brown glandular dots. Flesh whitish. Tubes pale yellow to olivaceous yellow. Pores fine, rounded, pale yellow to olivaceous yellow. Smell not distinctive. Taste not distinctive. Spores 8.5–10 × 3–4 μm.

Habitat. Coniferous forests, mycorrhizal with two-needled pines (Pinus halepensis, P. pinea, P. radiata).

Distribution. For a long time thought to be restricted to the Mediterranean area, but recently recorded also from the northeastern parts of Bulgaria.


Suillus bellinii

Fruitbodies of Suillus bellinii. Here and on the photographs below note the chromatic variability of this species. (photo G. Konstantinidis)

Suillus bellinii

Fruitbodies of Suillus bellinii. (photo G. Konstantinidis)

Suillus bellinii

Fruitbodies of Suillus bellinii. (photo G. Konstantinidis)

Suillus bellinii

Fruitbodies of Suillus bellinii. The large granules on the stipe are notable and often seen in this species. (photo G. Konstantinidis)

Suillus bellinii

The original illustration of Suillus bellinii accompanying the description of the species in Inzenga's Funghi Siciliani.

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