Genera & Species

T. atrotomentosa

Tapinella E.-J. Gilbert

Two species are so far known in Europe. Wood inhabiting bolete allies recognized by their pleurotoid or crepidotoid fruitbodies with assymetrical or no stipe and forked gills.

Tapinella atrotomentosa (Batsch : Fr.) Šutara

Fruitbody pleurotoid, stem short, eccentric, dark brown to blackish brown, velvety. Cap up to 12 cm, cinnamon to brown, margin inrolled. Flesh yellowish. Gills initially cream or yellowish then brownish. Taste acrid. Spores 5–6 × 4–4.5 μm.

Habitat. Solitary or in small groups on roots, stumps or trunks of coniferous trees.

Distribution. Throughout Europe.


Tapinella atrotomentosa

Fruitbodies of Tapinella atrotomentosa. (photo B. Assyov)

Important literature

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