Genera & Species

Balkan boletes

Boletes of the Balkan Peninsula

The knowledge of fungi in this part of Europe often remains hidden from European mycologists and for this reason the reader will find here a list of some sources on bolete mycota of the Balkans. Unfortunately, none of the Balkan countries has its own monographic treatment of Boletales. However, regional checklists of some countries are readily available (many of them also online) and are listed below.

Proper Balkan countries

(fully or mostly located in the peninsula)



Neither checklist, nor any data from this country are known to the author up to date

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neither checklist, nor any data from this country are known to the author up to date


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Neither checklist, nor any data from this country are known to the author up to date

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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Other Balkan countries

(mostly located outside the peninsula)


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