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Field guides

Field guides

This section lists books that are suitable for use when in the field. The books are listed in alphabetical order of the respective languages.


?utara, J., Mik??k, M. & Janda, V. 2009. H?ibovit? houby. ?eled’ Boletaceae a rody Gyrodon, Gyroporus, Boletinus a Suillus. Academia, Praha. (more detailed review available)


Buczacki, S., Shields, C. & Ovenden, D. 2012. Collins Fungi Guide. Harper Collins Publishers, London. (not recommended, detailed review available here)

Courtecuisse, R. & Duhem, B. 1995. Mushrooms and toadstools of Britain and Europe. Harper Collins Publishers, London.

Kibby, G. 2011. British boletes with keys to species. Published by the author, London. (more detailed review available) Available in the Bookstore.

Phillips, R. 1981. Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe. Pan books, London.

Phillips, R. 2006. Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe. Macmillan, London. Available in the Bookstore.


Courtecuisse, R. & Duhem, B. 1994. Guide des Champignons de France et d’Europe. Delachaux et Niestl?, Lausanne. Available in the Bookstore.


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??????????????, ?. 2009. ?????????, ???????????? ?????? ????????????????. ??????????, ?????. [Konstantinidis, G. 2009. Mushrooms, a photographic guide for collectors. Published by the author, Athens.]


Amalfi, N. 2008. Il Genere Boletus. Guida pratica sul genere Boletus con sezioni e spezie. Andrea Lippolis, Messina. (more detailed review available)

Boccardo, F., Traverso, M., Vizzini, A. & Zotti, M. 2008. Funghi d’Italia. Zanichelli, Bologna. Available in the Bookstore.


Uzelac, B. 2009. Gljive Srbije i Zapadnog Balkana. [Fungi of Serbia and the Western Balkans]. BGV Logic, Belgrade. (available to buy at NHBS)