Changes in the Code for nomenclature

Changes in the Code for nomenclature

The Editor-in-Chief of Mycotaxon has made an extensive summary on the very important and long awaited by the mycologists changes in the former International Code for Botanical Nomenclature, which now also has new title – International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi and Plants.

The publication is available on Open Access through IngentaConnect (follow this link and then scroll towards the end to the “Nomenclature”-section of the journal).

Norvell, L. L. 2011. Melbourne approves a new Code. – Mycotaxon 116: 481–490.

An overview of the key changes in the Code concerning fungi appeared also in the new mycological journal MycoKeys (click here to read the PDF-file).

Hawksworth, D.L. 2011. A new dawn for the naming of fungi: impacts of decisions made in Melbourne in July 2011 on the future publication and regulation of fungal names. – MycoKeys 1: 7–20.