Genera & Species


Exsudoporus Vizzini, Simonini & Gelardi

The genus Exsudoporus was recently separated from Boletus s. l. on the base of molecular evidence. At present it contains three species worldwide of which one is found and is restricted to Europe. The genus is at times debated by some authorities due to its relationship with Butyriboletus.

Fruitbody small to medium sized, boletoid, without veil and ring, at least partly with vivid red colours. Stipe solid, with surface covered with well-defined reticulum. Flesh variously coloured, bruising blue when exposed to air. Tubes easily separable from each other, not tearing apart. Pores usually small and rounded, red to orange red, in young state exsuding drops of liquid, which morphologically sets apart this genus from the related entities.