Genera & Species

H. pallida

Hygrophoropsis (J. Schr?t.) Maire

At least four species are so far known in Europe, but the genus is in desperate need of modern treatment.

Hygrophoropsis pallida (Peck) Kreisel

Cap up to 5 cm, whitish, cream, ochre or buff; cap margin incurved. Stipe usually tapering towards the base, concolorous with the cap. Flesh whitish, unchanging when exposed to air. Gills whitish to cream, deccurrent (running down the stipe), forked. Smell not distinctive. Taste not distinctive. Spores 610 ? 45 ?m, dextrinoid.

Habitat. In meadows or coniferous forests, on litter.

Distribution. Not precisely known.

Note. Compare to Hygrophoropsis macrospora.

Important literature

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